Support for Youth Ministers

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To accompany and support our children and young people is very rewarding and we need their presence and gifts in our community.  In order to sustain and develop our youth ministry, we always welcome more adults to offer their time, whether parents or not. Those who are involved will be delighted to meet anyone who is interested in helping in any way.

Kathleen Byrne –  
Maria Elliott –
Emma Heslop –
Mary Hughes –
Deacon Malcolm Jackson –

Youth Ministry Toolkit

An online Youth Ministry Toolkit has also been developed which aims to provide ideas and information as well as practical help and information. View Youth Ministry Toolkit website

The John Ingram Partnership

The John Ingram Partnership has a Youth Ministry Group which meets each term bringing together representatives from every parish. Young people are a priority in the Partnership and the group meets to share ideas and to develop opportunities at partnership level. All are welcome to come along.

There is also Diocesan support for those who work with young people. The Youth Ministry Team website gives details of conferences, training sessions and upcoming events. View YMT website


Our aim is to provide a safe, carefully planned environment for children and young people at all times. Polices and Guidelines are in place to ensure that this planning includes parental consent, safe use of social media and photographs and correct adult /young people ratios.

 Each parish has a Safeguarding Representative who ensures that DBS certificates are in place for all those working with young people.

Our Safeguarding Representatives are Lawrie Hurst and Phil Byrne.

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