Grandparent, Parent And Toddler Group

Welcome to our Grandparent, parent and toddler group.

We are always happy to see new faces at our sessions.  If you are interested in joining us please contact Heather on

The group is run by volunteers and relies on the support of the parents that attend to help in set up and tidying away. There is no charge for the session but a charge of £2 for drinks and snacks is required please. All extra funds are used to support our community.

We have a soft matted area for young babies to sit on and a selection of baby toys.

We aim to devise ways of setting out and managing a range of activities to suit the children’s ages and the stage of development. These include story time, rhyme time, arts and crafts and music sessions.

Where & when we meet

St. Peter’s Church
Thursday 9.30am till 11.30am 
Term time only

Handy Hints

This is an unsupervised session so please supervise your children at all times.

For hygiene reasons nappies must be disposed of at home.

Children are not allowed in the kitchen, church or toy cupboard.

No hot drinks to be carried around children.

No hot drinks outside of break time.

No swearing or smacking please.

There are male and female toilets in the entrance of the hall. Please assist your child to the toilet.

Leave pushchairs in the back of the church.

In the event of a fire line up at the fire exit door and follow group leader.

Please make the group leader aware of any allergies.

Please inform the group leader of any accidents and ensure they are recorded in the accident book.

Please do not smoke in the church premises or on the grounds of the church.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves